Shot by Sohile Ali

Instagram: @shotbysohile

YouTube Channel: http://yt.vu/+shotbysohile


Sohile is a senior majoring in Intelligent Systems Engineering and minoring in Media and Creative Advertising. Sohile's passions are in technology, entertainment, and storytelling. Sohile hopes to combine his background in engineering with his love of filmmaking and pursue a career in this industry. Sohile is seeking internships and opportunities to further his skills. Sohile can be reached at soali@iu.edu. 

Trevor Noah IU.jpg

Trevor Noah

Sohile Ali and Indiana Memorial Union Board members pictured with Trevor Noah. April 2018. Indiana University.


Terry Crews

Sohile Ali pictured with Terry Crews. April 2018. Indiana University.


Josh Peck

Sohile Ali pictured with Josh Peck. March 2019. Indiana University.


Boots Riley

Sohile Ali pictured with the Sorry to Bother You writer and director, Boots Riley. October 2018. Indiana University.